Please use this questionnaire to let us know you better.

Sleep Questionnaire

For this form, please shade in the times that you sleep (example below), including any naps. If you wake up at night, do not shade in that area.

Sleep Log

Please use this file to prepare for your sleep study.

Prepare for Sleep Study

This log can help you get used to CPAP when you are feeling anxious/claustrophobic with your CPAP/ Bi-PAP mask. We want to try to gradually get to where we are able to wear our mask so we can obtain the positive effects of CPAP. Fill out chart to help us to understand any problems you may be having with your CPAP

Desensitization Log

Please fill out side 1 in the morning when you get up and side 2 prior to going to bed at night.

Sleep Diary

This file tell you the information about “Do’s and Don’ts of Sleep Hygiene”.

Sleep Hygiene