Providing Therapeutic Sleep Products and Supplies

At Texas Sleep, we pride ourselves with stocking the latest and best products when it comes to PAP equipment, masks, and supplies. For patients with commercial insurance, we are a one stop shop for all your equipment and supply needs. For Medicare patients, we work closely with local DME companies to get you the products you need quickly.

Texas Sleep offers a full line of Sleep Products and Supplies, including:

  • CPAP Devices
  • Bilevel PAP devices (BIPAP)
  • Advanced Ventilation (BIPAP ST, ASV, Ventilator)
  • Humidifier chambers¬†
  • Filters
  • PAP tubing (hoses)
  • Masks: Nasal, Full Face, Modified masks, and More


We are more than happy to order any supplies for you that we do not carry in the office!